A Better Place to Start

Foundee.com is a collaborative matchmaking platform supporting freelancers, contractors and the self-employed. You can find jobs and contracts, build freelancer teams and swap your time and skills for equity.

Foundee! It's the place to be!

At Foundee users can also swap their time and skills for equity shares, find cofounders for their start-up, or offer equity in return for services. Made in Wales, Foundee.com can play a fundamental role in improving visibility for freelancers and Welsh based start up's, here and as part of a global marketplace. Foundee is an agile application, expertly built, that also doubles as a white label platform for existing member-based organisations, adding to its revenue potential.

The Problems

Freelancers: It's hard chasing new work while i'm busy on a project.

Freelancers struggle with actively seeking work, while simultaneously delivering on projects for existing clients..

Startups: I have a great business idea but don't have the skills to make it happen?

Finding the right people is a common problem for start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Co-Founders: I have time and skills but no money to invest.

Talented people our often looking for future collaborations but don't know where to find like minded people.

The Solutions

Freelancers: Foundee's smart contract finder and calendars find work on your behalf. 

Foundee actively searches for your next client/contract or collaboration, while you deliver on your existing project, using smart calendars, search bars, contract and negotiation tools.

Startup's: Foundee can help negotiate equity in return for skills and creative investment.

Cash strapped start ups can find co-founders and service providers in return for an equity share in their fledgling idea. 

Co-founders: Service providers can bid to invest their time & skills in return for equity.

Service providers are then transformed into business investor's & entrepreneurs.

The Product

Benefit from immediate access to other Freelancers, Jobs and Contracts

A culture of people driven by a love of business. Foundee puts you intouch with the world of freelancers and contract providers.

Simple, Clean & Concise.

Foundee is a contemporary forward thinking product driven by the changing face of business and finance, Fintech meets social media.

Gamification makes for serious fun.

Foundee's interface uses a gamified approach to decision making, complemented by an icon approach to user interaction, helping to build on the contemporary culture of app functionality..

Customers & Marketing

Target Market:  2 million Freelancers in the U.K. contributing £119 billion to the UK economy. 

57 million freelancers in the U.S equalling 1.4 trillion contributions. The average age is 47. (IPSE). Foundee aims to attract 0.5% of this joint market over a period of 3 years.

During our BETA test period we have been approached on several occasions, most notably from universities, the voluntary sector and the building sector for proposed white label versions of Foundee.

Sales & Marketing Strategy: A full marketing plan is available.

We have over 20 years’ experience in design and marketing and have developed a “clicks and bricks” sales strategy combining traditional sales with a solid, well planned online marketing strategy. A full marketing plan is available. We aim to create a sense of aspirational association that will help to identify us as the platform that works and the place to be.  

Funding & Financials

Company valuation, funding required & equity offered.

Year 1 Turnover: £350k

Year 2 Turnover: £925K | Year 3 Turnover: £1.5M







Founder | Director: Mike Scott

I'm commercial director of UK based coworking network and freelancer union, 15 years’ experience of freelancer work. Experienced UX, UI, Web developer/designer, 20 years’ experience in multi-media design and development. Educator and programme writer - HND multimedia and entrepreneurship.

Foundee has been successfully BETA tested with several hundred user signups split between the U.S. and the U.K. It’s proved to be a highly effective tool for SEO and online visibility. Foundee users often appear ahead of linked-in during Google searches and in the top ten of google page 1.

As an individual I have run mixed workspace and coworking facilities for over 10 years. Met with, worked with, collaborated with and learned to understand the needs of a diverse and varied range of freelancers and contractors. Foundee employs all the good stuff we’ve learned from 10 years of social media, without all the annoying adds and ad-dons. Its clean, simple design ensures an ease of use that won’t add to the noise online.
Most importantly it works for the user, an extra pair of hands just when you need them.